How To Live on 24 Hours A Day

✍️ Author: Arnold Bennett

Rating: 9/10

Book Summary

For a book written 100+ years ago, this hits home hard. Time, something we think we will have forever is slipping away every second. The author explains “time” very well. You will never get more time, you have and will always have all the time there is. You only have 24 hours a day, that’s it.



“Most people sleep themselves stupid” 9/10 would have better health and more fun if they spent less time in bed

"I think that if you persist in rising earlier, and the consequence is in-sufficient sleep you will soon find a way of going to bed earlier
You cannot waste time in advance. New leaf, every day"

This is exactly what happened to me. I try and rise at 5am, most of the time hit 6am. But now I aim to be in bed at 9pm. The hours between 9pm-11pm are nothing vs the hours of 5-7am. 

"You never will have more time. You already have all the time there is!"

"We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is"

"You wake up in the morning and your purse is magically filled with 24 hours of unmanufactured time of the universe of your life!"

"No one receives either more or less than you receive. It’s the ideal democracy"

"You cannot draw on the future. It’s impossible to get into debt. You can only waste the passing moment. You can’t waste the next hour. It is kept for you."

"You will accomplish as much in 1 morning hour as in 2 evening hours."

I'd say you get more done in 1 morning hour than 3 evening! Read the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport on the power of deep work. Most people are only ever doing shallow work. From email to phone, from phone to news, from news to phone call, from phone call to lunch. No wonder most people are frustrated with their work, they never get deep into it, they never do anything meaningful with their time. 

"The feeling that you are every day leaving undone something which you would like to do. Always hoping for “more time”.

"The path to Mecca is extremely hard and stony. And the worst part? You never quite get there after all."

"If you are not prepared for discouragements and disillusions: if you will not be content with small results for a big effort. Then do not begin"

To start it takes a huge effort, but as momentum builds it seems like you can do so much more with far little effort (think Elon, Steve Jobs etc). Once you get moving it’s hard to stop
Beware of under taking too much at the start. Be content with quite little

"Most of us never depart on the journey of our dreams. And the excuse to ourselves is that there are only 24 hours in the day." FOOLISH

“Assume that I am braced for battle. Assume that I have carefully weighed and comprehends your ponderous remarks. How do I begin? You simply begin."

There is no magic method of beginning. I see this all the time. "I'm too scared to join the fitness challenge" "I'm scared I may fail, how do I start?". You just DO. There is no other path. There is just one path and that's through the bloody obstacle. The more people run away from their anxious thoughts the worse they get, that is a fact. Never let this be you. 

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